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Position Associate
Job Description

We are a boutique advisory firm focused on our two core business: M&A and IT-based management advisory. We are looking for an associate interested in M&A advisory work as our business expands.

【About Guardian Advisors】
Our clients are mainly large listed companies and private equity firms. Due to our IT investments aimed to increase our quality and productivity, we can compete with our competitors with an elite, but small team, all while providing maximum value to our clients.
In the age of digital natives, we look to invest in the latest software and hardware that will increase our productivity.
We believe in avoiding unnecessary work by creating clear roles and responsibilities for all employees. We have a committed and driven team and are constantly looking to improve and strive for excellence.

【Job Description】
As an Associate, you will be responsible for implementing all processes and tasks from the preparation stage all the way to the finalization of the transaction. After 1-2 years of experience we expect you to be able to manage projects.

【Reporting Line】
Our head of M&A currently lives in Singapore and you will report directly to him. Once overseas travel is restored, the head of M&A will come to Japan on a business trip basis for half of each month. Remote communication will be common, so exceptional communication skills are required for this role.

【Work Contents】
・Financial analysis, financial modeling, corporate valuation
・Due diligence arrangement and handling
・Advice and practical support regarding the conclusion of M&A contracts
・Closing support
You will work under your supervisor to drive each step of the M&A process.

Working Conditions

Employment form: Regular employees
Working hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (1 hour lunch)
Bonus: Twice a year (April and October)
Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and paid leave
Allowances: Commuting allowance (paid according to company regulations)
Overtime allowance: Fixed overtime pay system, extra premium for hours outside of fixed allowance.
Social insurance: health insurance, welfare annuity insurance, employment insurance, work accident insurance
Others: Education and training budget of approximately 10 to 20% of annual income
No smoking in the office


Qualification Requirements

Must be familiar with the following work and have at least 3 years of practical experience in M&A advisory work

• Project Management
• Financial modeling and valuation modeling
• DD arrangement
• SPA negotiation support
• Closing support

• Ability to adapt to changes in the business environment in line with the changes in technology


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