Our firm recognizes the importance of our responsibility to the society in protecting personal information we acquire in the course of our services and we are committed to protect personal rights in protecting such information and comply with relevant laws and orders. We have set terms below about how we will effectively make it work; always keeping our eyes out for rise of new technology, change in social demand and business environment.

1. Acquisition of personal information

We will acquire personal information only by legal and fair means.

2. Use of personal information

Acquired personal information will only be used for the usage that was given consent from the person and will only be used strictly for business use. We will not give out personal information to any third party without the person’s consent, except for the situation required to do so under law. When we use personal information in collaboration with third party or outsource business to third party using such information, we will conduct strict research on the third party to make sure they will comply with our standard of protecting personal information.

3. Management of personal information

We will have thorough information security measures in order to maintain accuracy of personal information, protect such information from loss, destruction, change and leakage to third party. We will not take out or send out any personal information outside of our firm.

4. Disclosure and correction of personal information

If there are any inquiries from person to disclose, change or delete its own personal information, we will take action immediately as stated under law.

5. About improvement of this policy

We will continuously revise and change our policies in order to fulfill client and social demand.