Our Advisory Philosophy

We aim to provide the highest quality of customer-oriented advisory services through maximizing productivity with the utilization of cutting-edge technology.

  • Bias-free advice.

    Guardian Advisors is an independent firm specializing in and dedicated to advisory services. We strive to support our customers in making the best and most informed judgment.

  • Experience and commitment

    Our teams consist of only experienced members. We have built a culture of prioritizing our clients best interest and our team is committed to providing the best-in-class advice.

  • Continuous improvement in
    efficiency using technology

    We strive to be the most efficient team in the industry, using innovative technologies and adopting the best practices across all areas of work.

M&A Advisory

Project Management

Our team is structured to completely align our interests with our clients to achieve a common goal. We carefully support each and every step towards successfulcompletion of transactions.

  • Preparation

    • Strategy Planning
    • Preliminary Research
    • Project Preparation
  • Execution

    • Market Sounding
    • Structuring
    • Valuation
    • Pricing Evaluation
    • Support
    • Negotiation
  • Completion

    • Public Announcement
    • Post Merger Integration

Tech-driven Management Advisory

Unlock the potential of company by Tech Driven Management

Tech Driven Management is a management philosophy adopted by Business organizations; effectively using and adjusting to rising technologies to make all stakeholders happy in the era of digital natives.

Current measures include seamless communication, flexible working styles, enhancing mobility, improving work productivity, mobilization, automation, and IoT for the purposes of BCP (Business Continuity Planning)/LCP (Life Continuity Planning) by usage of AI, BigData, Robotics, Mobility Assistance Technologies, etc.

  • Nomad Workstyle

  • Understanding
    “Digital Natives”

  • Appropriate usag
    e of cloud services

  • IoT×BigData×AI

  • Appropriate usage
    of digital marketing

  • Enchanced mobility