• Oct, 2016

    Completed 5th M&A transaction
    (Acquisition of SC Holdings Co., Ltd. by Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko)

  • Oct, 2016

    Completed 4th M&A transaction
    (Acquisition of a majority stake in Kantoku Global Corporation, Ltd. by a holding company controlled by funds advised by Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko)

  • Oct, 2016

    Completed 3rd M&A transaction
    (Listed Japanese Food Maker's acquisition of U.S. subsidiary from minority shareholder)

  • Sep, 2016

    Ryuji Komiyama and Hiroki Takayanagi joined AI and BIG Data Hackathon event in Malaysia as judgement

  • Aug, 2016

    Yuta Yamamoto joined as an Executive Officer

  • Jun, 2016

    Hiroki Takayanagi (CEO of Webimpact) joined as a Senior Advisor

  • May, 2016

    Entered into alliance with Webimpact in IT Due Diligence

  • May, 2016

    Changed company name into Guardian Advisors Inc.

  • Apr, 2016

    Moved office to Rokubancho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo

  • Apr, 2016

    Completed 2nd M&A transaction
    (Aoyama Trading’s acquisition of WTW from BALS)

  • Feb, 2016

    Ryuji Komiyama joined as an Executive Officer and started Tech advisory services

  • Dec, 2015

    Completed 1st M&A transaction
    (Masaru Industries’ acquisition of Plant Factory business from Mirai)

  • Feb, 2015

    Hajimu Sato founded Guardian Corporate Advisory Inc. at Ikebukuro, Tokyo and started M&A advisory